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Meet Felicia Kastle


Felicia Kastle is a mother, a coach, a youth minister, and a business owner. Kastle enjoys helping current high school students prepare for job interviews while also hiring Delaware Career Center students. She feels that this provides them with the hands-on experience they will need to succeed in the workplace and in life just as she has. 


Kastle has taught in a private school setting for two years. She also relies on her experience as a youth hockey and soccer coach for a number of years to empower kids through a philosophy of leadership on and off the field and ice. Stressing qualities like teamwork, communication, and friendship; she has learned that these qualities will best serve her players in life as they become active members of their community. 


Equally important, Kastle believes that establishing rules and respect are important from the start. While working with a diverse group of players on various teams, Kastle has seen that respecting yourself, your teammates, your family, and your elders are key qualities that give each individual the tools to thrive. Throughout her time leading youth, she promotes an honest atmosphere of learning her players by listening to them. Surely, she strives to win on the scoreboard; but her most important goal in coaching is to help kids grow in terms of who they are as a person. 

Kastle has undergone a lot of this personal growth herself through this experience, and is a successful team leader due to her vast background of experiences and working with many different types of individuals. 


Finally, she has found a way to be charitable by helping various individuals with special needs as well as families in poverty. All of these qualities and experiences make Felicia a wonderful teammate, who understands that one cannot ask for more than they would do themselves. Furthermore, she understands that shaping an individual takes a vast amount of seeking to understand through listening. It is this personal growth that has kept Kastle raising the bar for herself and her community each day presently.

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Felicia Kastle 
7830 N Central Drive
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Tel: 614-721-5702

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